Photos from Iceland, June 2001

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Golden Circle

Large crater
Tim at Geyser
Pete at Geyser
Small geyser bubbling away
The geyser, Strokkur, goes off
Blue hot spring - extremely hot
An area full of geysers
Pete stands on a rock (well done!?)
Gullfoss ("Gold Falls") from a distance
Tim at Gullfoss
Tim and Pete at Gullfoss
Spray thrown up by Gullfoss
Water on its way to Gullfoss

Drive from Golden Circle to Blue Lagoon

Pete stands on a lava fissure
Lava all around
A thick, springy moss grows on the lava
Amazingly, even flowers can be found on the lava
Our mode of transport stops for a breather
Tim, Dave and Paul log walking
Tim stands on the log... Pete has to as well!
Close up of Pete
The south coast of Iceland
Cliffs on the coastline
The approach to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon with power station in background
Tim, Dave and Paul enjoy a drink
They continue drinking
Tim soaks in the Blue Lagoon
Pete, Dave and Paul relax
Pete and Tim in the Lagoon at the same time!

Hallgrimkírkja, Reykjavik

Hallgrimkírkja viewed from main shopping street
The impressive Hallgrimkírkja up close
The statue of Leifr Eriksson outside the church
Inside Hallgrimkírkja, front
Inside Hallgrimkírkja, back
Composite of stained-glass window
Detail of the stained-glass window
Pete at the top of Hallgrimkírkja

Akureyri, Pop. 15,000

Akureyri viewed from across the fjord
Low cloud as seen from the end of our street
Tim ready for our cycle trip along the fjord
Pete demonstrating his cycling abilities
A Christmas house found on our cycle trip
A satisfying view after cycling up the hill
Approaching Akureyri towards the end of our cycle trip

Fun and Games in Akureyri!

Almar controls the ball!
Almar and Tim; both quick on the field!
Agnes plays "throw the camera case" with Erin...
...while Tim tries to keep the ball from Almar
The back garden is action-packed!
Almar resorts to dirty tactics!
Almar scores!!
Pete prepares for a come-back goal
One of many times that Almar gets turned upside down!

Sailing Day 1: Ólafsfjörður - Flatey Island return trip

The crew set sail...
...from the small town of Ólafsfjörður
Tim on the good ship GÓGÓ
Pete powers the ship with the windmill coming out of his head
Cap'n Pete takes the helm
Pete catches fish while Tim prefers the seaweed!
Tim makes a good catch!
Lucky Ögmundur gets to gut the fish
Pete struggles with the line... wonder - 3 at once!
Ögmundur helps Pete with his haul
Pete poses while Ögmundur gets on with gutting
Blood on the decks
The fish pile up (~20 cod in all)
A mountain emerges from the mist
The Icelandic flag
Tim and Pete near the end of the first trip
Impressive scenery on our return to Ólafsfjörður

An Evening in Ólafsfjörður

A view from the harbour
A procession to...
...a bonfire
Agnes is ready for bed on the GÓGÓ

Sailing Day 2: Ólafsfjörður and Akureyri

The GÓGÓ sits in Hrisey Harbour
Drying fish heads on Hrisey
Close-up of dried fish (exciting, eh?)
Cap'n Tim takes the helm
A typical view from the fjord, Eyjafjörður

The drive from Akureyri to Herðubreið: Godafoss

Godafoss from a distance
Godafoss up close
Tim at Godafoss
Pete at Godafoss
Family pose at Godafoss
Almar gives Hildigunnur some flowers
Ögmundur helps Almar across the river
Our mode of transport
Almar clambers aboard
Overlooking Dimmuborgir ("Dark Cities")
View from inside Dimmuborgir
"The Church" in Dimmuborgir
Almar silhouette in entrance of "The Church"
Tim inside "The Church"
A deep crack in Dimmuborgir
Close up of a plant
A hot mud pot (like a hot spring, but thick mud)
More hot mud bubbling
This mound emits a constant flow of steam
Tim beside the steamer
Scenes of geothermal activity I
Scenes of geothermal activity II
Scenes of geothermal activity III
Scenes of geothermal activity IV
Scenes of geothermal activity V
Letting some air out at "Horse Town"

Our stay at Herðubreiðarlindar

A stream running through the Herðubreið nature reserve
A small lake in the reserve
Almar decides it's more fun to be carried
Tim and Pete relax after a long walk with Almar
Herðubreið ("Queen of the Mountains") crowned by cloud
Agnes on Ögmundur's shoulders
Herðubreið cloud free
Hildigunnur and Tim relax in the late evening sun
Herðubreið in the morning sun

Our trip to Drekagil near Askja

A glacial river
Waterfall on the glacial river
View from the 4x4 as we drive over snow patch
The 4x4 doing what it was meant to do
More 4x4 fun
Pete outside in the snow
Pete still out in the snow
Almar attacks the 4x4 with snowballs...
...while Agnes sits back and enjoys the ride
A lonely signpost at Drekagil ("Dragon's teeth")
Almar and Agnes play on the snow
The river flowing from Mt. Askja to Drekagil
Almars throws stones into the river
This route requires feet in freezing water!
And onwards we trek... this hidden waterfall
Closer to the waterfall
Some say a dragon can be seen in the lava formations
Tim beside some rather dirty snow
The hole Pete made when he fell through the snow - a close call...
...but he lives to tell the tale!

The journey back to Akureyri

Dettifoss - the most powerful waterfall in Europe
The other side of Dettifoss
Being near dettifoss means getting soaked... the massive amount of spray being thrown up
All this moisture leads to bad erosion
The view downstream from Dettifoss
The group talk to the ducks at Ásbyrgi
The cliffs of Ásbyrgi; populated by 100's of fulmar

Over the highlands: Akureyri to Reykjavik

Tim looks at the glacier in the distance
The scene at Hveravellir...
...geothermal area halfway between two glaciers
Close up of hot spring
Tim at Hveravellir
Pete at Hveravellir
Grass-covered hut at Hveravellir
View of Hofsjökull glacier on one side...
...view of Langjökull glacier on the other side...
...mountainous area ahead
A second visit to Gullfoss rewards us with a rainbow

Last few days in Reykjavik

The Reykjavik City Hall
Pete reads in the middle of Reykjavik
Lupins, very commonly found wild in Iceland
The view of Reykjavik from high ground...
...where the impressive Paarl ("The Pearl") sits

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